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Mini Cakes & Cupcakes

Why not try cupcakes at your reception, covered in soft icing or swirled with either

vanilla or flavoured buttercream and topped with a sugar flower or butterfly, or sparkly

sprinkles.    You can also have cupcake cases to match your colour scheme or try the new

cupcake wrap around wrappers.  


Or try the mini cakes, 2" in diameter, covered with a layer of buttercream then soft regal

 icing.  These can be sponge or fruit.


Both of these can have a small top tier for cutting if you wish.






   Cupcakes with                         Cupcakes with                                Mini cakes with

   single top tier                           single top tier                                  soft fondant icing

                                                                                                               and single top tier


                 Large Cupcake & mini cupcakes         Cupcakes with lace              Cupcake Bouquet